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To improve your browsing experience and offer personalized services, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies when you visit the USReservationDesk website. The types of cookies we employ and their functions are described in this section:

Cookies that are essential to the operation of our website and allow you to navigate and enjoy its features are known as essential cookies. They are often triggered by your actions, such completing forms or making reservations. You might not be able to use some services if these cookies aren’t present.

In order to better understand how visitors use our website, including which pages they visit most frequently and whether they experience any errors, we utilize analytical and performance cookies. We can better understand user preferences and enhance the functionality and usability of our website with the aid of this data. You cannot be personally identified by these cookies.

Functional Cookies: To give you a better tailored experience, functional cookies help our website remember your preferences and selections (such language or area preferences). Along with enabling more functionality and customisation, they can help you remember your login information.

Cookies for advertising and targeting: Based on your interests and surfing habits, these cookies deliver pertinent advertisements and marketing communications. They might be established by us, independent advertising networks, or social media websites. These cookies assist us in evaluating the success of our marketing initiatives and customizing the information you see on our website.

Social media cookies: Our website may contain social media features or plugins that let you engage with different social media networks or share information. To ensure optimal performance and keep track of your connection with social media networks, some features may set cookies.

Third-Party Cookies: We may let third-party service providers to place cookies on our website, such as analytics or advertising firms. These third parties’ individual privacy policies apply to these cookies. These cookies and how they are used are beyond our control.

Managing Cookies: Through your browser’s settings, you may manage and regulate cookies. You have the option to accept or reject cookies, erase already-set cookies, or configure your browser to alert you whenever a cookie is placed. Please be aware, though, that blocking or deactivating some cookies may have an impact on the operation and effectiveness of our website.

For information on how to manage cookies, please consult the documentation or help menu of your browser.

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