Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Traveling with children can be exciting, but the game changes when your youngster travels alone. Southwest Airlines recognizes the significance of maintaining the safety and comfort of unaccompanied kids and strives to make the experience as pleasant as possible for both parents and their young passengers. If you intend to let your youngster fly alone, here’s what you should know about Southwest Airlines’s unaccompanied minor policy.

What Constitutes an Unaccompanied Minor

Southwest Airlines defines an unaccompanied minor as a youngster aged 5 to 11 traveling without an adult over 12. Children under five cannot travel alone; an adult must accompany them.

Flight Reservations: You must contact Southwest Airlines’ Reservations Department directly when reserving a flight for an unaccompanied kid. This phase ensures that all essential arrangements are completed to give your child the most significant possible experience. Southwest Airlines employees will help you choose the best flight and walk you through the unaccompanied minor process.

Service Fee for an Unaccompanied Minor: Southwest Airlines charges a nonrefundable cost for unaccompanied minor service per one-way flight as of my last update. This price covers the additional attention and help of young passengers during their journey. Because these prices vary, checking the current fee structure on the airline’s official website or contacting customer care is critical.

Check-In at the Airport: Parents or guardians should arrive with their child at least 2 hours before the flight’s departure time on the day of travel. You must fill out a form with contact information for both the parent/guardian leaving the child off and the person picking them up at the destination.

Boarding & Flight: A Southwest Airlines staff will accompany the child through check-in, security screening, and to the departure gate. Flight attendants will watch the unaccompanied minor during the flight to ensure they are comfortable and well-cared for.

Arrival and Pick-Up: Upon arrival, the youngster will be escorted off the plane and handed over to the designated person stated on the unaccompanied minor form. This individual must have appropriate photo identification and arrive at the airport before the flight arrives.

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